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With years of educational program experience, and a goal to bring innovation to education everywhere, BrainStorm can provide virtual camp options for you to help keep your community connected, give your campers opportunities to see one another, and have a little fun learning new skills and inspiring new passions.

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BrainStorm provides educational programs focused on creating the next generation of innovators and thinkers by allowing kids to explore the wonders of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) during their critical formative years from 1st Grade through High School.


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We offer a wide range of high-quality teachings and STEM-focused activities.

Code Academy

Code Academy provides a structured and progressive program that focuses on applied coding projects and equips students with a strong foundation in programming.Register >

Engineering & Robotics

Learn how to build, program, design, and invent through these engaging hands-on programs that focus on topics such as gears, motors, robotics, engineering, and physics. Register >;

Young Einsteins

Young Einstein’s allows students to discover and explore the different aspects of STEM through inter-disciplinary experiences during their critical formative years: K-3rd.Register >


GameMaker allows students to combine creativity and technology through designing and programming advanced video games and learn how to bring their ideas to life.Register >

STEAM Studio

The STEAM Studio program is focused on the next-generation of Makers and Creators, using cutting edge 3D printing technology to create a product of their own design.Register >

Minecraft University

Minecraft University allows students to explore special worlds that are each designed to teach different subjects, like history, robotics, programming, rocketry and more.Register >


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