Inspire a passion for STEM Education in your young learner with Genius: Brainstorm's Online Learning Portal!

BrainStorm’s online learning resource, Genius, allows you to bring the learning home! Genius is a gateway to the best courses, resources, and instruments that Brainstorm offers. Genius learning is a powerful tool that allows you to learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. With hours and hours of content Genius lets you explore new worlds, teaches creative skills, and helps kids discover new passions.


Our unique and innovative curriculum is the best in the industry and represent the perfect storm for student engagement with lessons in programming, app development, 3D design, and more using a visual step by step guide to complete projects; enabling kids to become independent(no parent help needed). Our projects are fun and a great way to coax your tech-savvy child to spend more time beefing up fundamental academic skills. Genius is also an ad-free experience that prepares kids to be creators, not consumers.


  • ✦Free, no monthly fees

  • ✦Work at your own pace

  • ✦Access from anywhere  and any computer

  • ✦Future Genius updates for more content

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Programming Fundamentals

Learn the essential concepts of programming that are used in all computer languages.

Gain experience in problem solving and thinking out of the box.

3D Modeling & Design

Gain experience in computer aided design

Learn skills and tools used in engineering, product design, architecture, animation, and more.

App Development

Learn to create mobile applications.

Gain experience of taking a project from concept to completion

Apply your code and design to real world devices.