Virtual Summer Camps

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Virtual Summer Camps

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Inspire a passion for STEM Education in your young learner with Brainstorm Genius Online Learning!

With over 10 years of experience in STEM education, we integrated our high-quality curriculum in an online, step-by-step format so the learning can continue at home.

Learn Programming Fundamentals

Learn the essential concepts of programming that are used in all computer languages.

3D Modeling & Design

Gain experience in computer-aided design and tools used in engineering, product design, architecture, animation, and more.

Mobile App Development

Create mobile applications. Take a project from concept to completion and apply your code and design to real-world devices.

Our Programs

Our online curriculum lessons use a visual step by step guide to complete projects; enabling kids to become independent(no parent help needed).

Our Goal

Our projects are fun and a great way to coax your tech-savvy child to spend more time beefing up fundamental academic skills.

What is Genius Online Learning?

Genius is a gateway to the best courses, resources, and instruments that Brainstorm offers. Genius learning is a powerful tool that allows you to learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. With hours and hours of content Genius lets you explore new worlds, teaches creative skills, and helps kids discover new passions.

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Engaging Lessons

Our lessons are developed to be fun & educational.

Independent Learning

Step-by-step guides allow kids to work without any help.

New Lessons

With Genius, you’ll get the latest teachings from BrainStorm

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