BrainStorm provides educational programs focused on creating the next generation of innovators and thinkers by allowing kids to explore the wonders of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) during their critical formative years from 1st Grade through High School. With BrainStorm’s STEM programs, students are immersed in a stimulating, hands-on learning environment, engaging their minds so they’re ready for tomorrow’s challenge.


Our unique and innovative STEM programs are the best in the industry and represent the perfect storm for student engagement with robotics, computer programming, science, engineering, integrated problem solving, teamwork, and thought leadership all being explored through hands-on projects. Pick the subject you have a passion for and learn at your own pace with a family friendly flexible schedule.


BrainStorm is focused on creating learning solutions to introduce kids to the challenge and promise of STEM. Our programs are as entertaining as they are educational. We do this using a unique and innovative curriculum that has been developed by BrainStorm over the past 8 years. And, given our technology-focused curriculum, we employ custom software and tools, which allow us to ensure a reliable and quality experience every time for our students.