Online Course: Python Temple [Old]


You’ll have to code your way through the Python Temple to find fortune and glory! Unlock the secrets of programming as you use Python code to dig tunnels through ancient bedrock, build bridges across molten lava, and escape treacherous mobs. Challenges and mini games await you as you attempt to make it out of the Python Temple with the power and knowledge of programming!

The Python Temple is an online Python Programming course that allows students to learn and explore the power of coding through the game of Minecraft. After downloading and installing the program, students are able to embark on an epic adventure where coding is the key to survival. The necessary code for each challenge is thoughtfully presented in each online video ensuring that students are able to work at their own pace
and learn the tools needed for every step of their journey.


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“Snakes! Why did it have to be snakes?!”

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    • Python was designed with the newcomer in mind. Python’s syntax is easy to read and formatting is simple.
    • Python requires less code to complete basic tasks. Python code is often 3-5 times shorter than Java, and 5-10 times shorter than C++.
    • Companies such as Google, Yahoo, Disney, Nokia, and IBM all use Python. In fact, among programming languages, Python has the largest year-on-year job demand growth.
    • Python is an object-oriented language, just like Javascript, C++, C#, and other key programming languages. Learning this type of programming in one area will help you adapt easily in other environments.

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    Students new to Minecraft will quickly become engaged in the blocky world where anything is possible! If your student is already an avid “Minecrafter,” they’ll be thrilled to learn how they can build and create within the world of Minecraft in record time using programming.
    programmingYour student will use Minecraft along with coding software to make their way through an awe-inspiring adventure map. Each challenge will teach your student a new program introducing essential concepts like variables and conditional statements.
    peopleLike any language, programming is best learned through repetition. While each challenge is new and different than one before it, we did incorporate similar codes so your student can start to recognize patterns and dissimilarities between codes.


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    Special Introductory Price: Just $199!

    For only $199, you will receive the Python Temple software and access for one year to the online instructional videos for the course.

  • Python Temple is available for both PC & Mac.

    In addition to a Minecraft account (not included; buy Minecraft here), your PC needs to have Minecraft installed and updated to version 1.8A computer with the following minimum requirements should be able to play Python Temple.

    Minimum Requirements:
    CPU: Intel Pentium D or AMD Athlon 64 (K8) 2.6 GHz
    RAM: 2GB
    GPU (Integrated): Intel HD Graphics or AMD (formerly ATI) Radeon HD Graphics with OpenGL 2.1
    GPU (Discrete): Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT or AMD Radeon HD 2400 with OpenGL 3.1
    HDD: At least 200MB for Game Core and Other Files
    Java 6 Release 45