Our Team



Engineers. Programmers. Game Designers. Teachers. Scientists. Producers. Mathematicians. Inventors.

Our team at BrainStorm has a varied background of passions and experiences, all brought together to create incredible STEM classes that you wish you were young enough to sign up for yourself.

We have our sights set on cultivating the talented future of tomorrow. To you, your children are just that — kids. One day, however, they will be leaders and innovators. We encourage their young creative minds by opening doors to new possibilities. Imagine how far your child can go when they start STEM classes at six years old! It’s never too early (or too late, for that matter) to give your child a head start on their career.

The BrainStorm Difference is all thanks to the talented and passionate staff who teach classes and create new curriculum on a daily basis. Without their motivation for empowering kids to be innovators, we’d just be another after school program.

We can’t wait to meet your students, and look forward to helping them on their path to success!