BrainStorm’s innovative STEM4SCHOOLS sector offers both in-class Academy Enrichment and After School Programs to bring integrated Common Core STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) courses to your school. BrainStorm is focused on creating engaging and exciting learning solutions to prepare our students for the future, where STEM knowledge will take precedence in securing jobs and opportunities.

LEGO Engineering

Our After School Enrichment Programs bring a passionate team of instructors to your campus after regular school hours to work directly with your students. We aim to cover a variety of STEM topics through Robotics, App & Game Development, Engineering, Aerospace/Rocketry, Mathematics, History, 3D Printing, Computer Science, Physics, Web Design, Programming, and more, each custom tailored to the age and experience of your students! Our After School Programs are popular with kids and parents alike for our philosophy of learning while having fun.

With Academic Enrichment Programs, we work directly with your educators during the school day to bring immersive STEM experiences that compliment your current curriculum. Learning about the Gold Rush? Watch your students embark on a virtual journey to the west in 1849. Want to bring your math classes to life? Add robotics! Looking to enhance your science classes? Aerospace and rocketry are guaranteed to get your students more engaged. Any of our signature BrainStorm courses can be tailored to fit your existing coursework. If you have a specific idea for something you’d like us to add to our lineup, let us know: we are constantly adding new programs and would love to create one for you.

The most recent results from the Program for International Student Assessment placed the U.S. at an unimpressive 35th out of 64 countries in math, and 27th in science.


With budget cuts in schools across the country, it’s not hard to understand why the US scored so low. We know that educators are eager to bring STEM to schools, but implementing STEM programs within your facility can be a costly endeavor. Keeping current with STEM technology makes that even more challenging.

BrainStorm can unscramble the puzzle of bringing STEM to your school. BrainStorm’s mobile, full service solutions provide all of the state of the art equipment and resources necessary to bring the very best STEM programs to your school. We really do mean full service: you supply the desks and chairs; we bring everything else. What does that mean for you? No computer lab needed. No equipment needed. No curriculum needed. No staff needed. No IT needed. No headaches.

We are committed to providing the highest-level experience possible. Our programs allow students to make connections from the curriculum to life beyond the classroom and transfer their learning into the real world.



To receive a list of our affordable rates and competitive pricing, please contact Please include your name, school or school district, and contact information in the body of your email. Our staff is able to visit your school at your convenience for a free consultation and technology infrastructure assessment. The consultation is a great opportunity for schools to learn more about collaborating with BrainStorm, and also to get ideas for their own programs.


Our programs are typically funded by the fundraising arm of the school, such as the PTA or Booster Club. Schools can also fund the programs through school curriculum funds or grant programs.

You will be amazed at just how affordable BrainStorm’s programs can be. We are sure that we have a solution that can fit your school and budget.

Our competitively affordable programs allow schools to invest their saved funds into new programs, staff, or equipment for your students!

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