BrainStorm’s innovative STEM4SCHOOLS program provides in-class Academic Enrichment Programs to bring integrated Common Core STEM courses to your school.

Our Programs

Our STEM-4-Schools program provides standards-aligned, hands-on experiences that allow students to explore the entirety of STEAM. We provide all of the curriculum, staff and equipment for the programs which makes implementation for schools very easy.

STEM Focused

Our experienced team of instructors will come to your school and work directly with your students to bring immersive STEM experiences that compliment your current curriculum. Want to bring your math classes to life? Add robotics! Looking to enhance your science classes? Aerospace and rocketry are guaranteed to get your students more engaged, and each lesson is custom-tailored to the age and experience of your students!

Lesson Topics:

Education Made Easy

We know that educators are eager to bring STEM to schools, but implementing STEM programs within your facility can be a costly endeavor. Keeping current with STEM technology makes that even more challenging. BrainStorm’s mobile, full service solutions provide all of the state of the art equipment and resources necessary to bring the very best STEM programs to your school. We really do mean full service: you supply the desks and chairs; we bring everything else. What does that mean for you? No computer lab needed. No equipment needed. No curriculum needed. No staff needed. No IT needed. No headaches.

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