Summer Camp


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The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and your kids have nothing to do. Summer camps solve the boredom problem, but do you really want to fork out hundreds of dollars only to have your child come home with a birdhouse and some keychains?

The future is here, and with it comes amazing courses in Aerospace, Programming, Engineering, Science, Computers, Filmmaking, and so much more.

We LOVE Summer Camps! With more hours in a day than our typical after school or weekend programs, we really get to know our students and get to introduce them to a variety of STEM subjects. We host daily Summer Camp programs here at BrainStorm as well as at many elementary schools and middle schools in the surrounding area. Keep an eye out for summer-exclusive programs like LEGO Engineering: The Evolution of Engineering, STEM Space Race, BrainStorm Robotics Academy, Minecraft Modders Club, and Elite 3D Game Design.

Our camps are tailored by age group. We have camps for students between six years old and sixteen years old.