In BrainStorm’s “Minecraft University: American Revolution”, your students will step right in to history to join our country’s founding fathers! Meet Ben Franklin, ride alongside Paul Revere, sign the Declaration of Independence, ring the Liberty Bell at Independence Hall, and take part in the Boston Tea Party. Students and their classmates will even found their own colony and recreate several historic battles with the British. Our students don’t just read about our great country’s history: they live it. Join us as we jump in to digital worlds to experience the war between Great Britain and its American colonies, by which we won our independence! Are you ready to start a revolution?


Make history come to life with Minecraft University: California Missions!  Explore the California Mission Trail and discover the amazing history of the missions!  Retrace the steps of the Franciscans by taking a journey up the El Camino Real and learn about the amazing history of the missions along the way.  Embark on quests to help Juniperro Serra, learn about the Native Americans and Spaniards, create aqueducts to help irrigate the surrounding lands and even build your own Mission!


Ready, Set, LEGO®! In LEGO Engineering: Evolution of Engineering, students start from the very beginning of engineering! Kids will learn the fundamental simple machines before moving on to grasp the basics of robotics. Kids will start to really understand how the world around them moves and works! Our workshops will teach students great little tricks and include fun games and challenges. This course is all about learning how to build, program, design, and invent using LEGO. Our instructors will lead hands-on programs that touch on topics such as gears, motors, robots, and building with LEGO bricks! It’s so fun, they’ll forget they’re in class!