Before you start

Tips before you begin!:

When beginning this adventure in the California Missions you will teleport to a ship docked at mission San Diego. While you explore this land you will be able to talk to many important people and complete exciting quests. By completing the quests you will then be able to explore more of the land. But! You will only be given quests if you talk to the people in the missions.

Interacting with Characters: Speaking with characters throughout the world can reveal some interesting facts or dialogue. Characters with yellow names give quest and important information. You can interact by pressing your right mouse button.

How to open a quest: To look at given quests press ‘E’, then press the paper symbol OR press ‘L’ to open your quest log. If you have any active quest it will appear on the left side. Clicking the name of the quest will open a window with the quest objective . On the bottom right there will be a “Text” and arrow for more detailed information on the quest.

Merchants: While following the red brick road make sure to keep an eye out for merchants. You are able to trade your coins with him to purchase items and goods. You earn coins by completing your quests.

Information Guides: While traveling the coast of California you will Information Guides characters. Right clicking the on them will prompt you with information about the location or person near by. This is key to answering the correct answer for the Quiz Masters from each mission.