Code Checkpoint

At this point, we have done a lot of code. If your code is having issues, check your code against the code below, and see if there are any differences. On the right, there is a screenshot of what you should expect to see when you run your program. At this point we have a complete layout of our app, but none of the functionality has been programmed yet.

from tkinter import *

root = Tk()

leftFrame = Frame(root, width = 80, bg = "black")
leftFrame.pack(fill=Y, side=LEFT)

rightFrame = Frame(root, bg="gray")
rightFrame.pack(expand=True, fill = BOTH, side=RIGHT)

#add our buttons in
red = Button(leftFrame, bg = "red", width = 6, height = 2)
green = Button(leftFrame, bg = "green", width = 6, height = 2)
blue = Button(leftFrame, bg = "blue", width = 6, height = 2)


#add in a canvas on which to draw
drawing = Canvas(rightFrame)
drawing.pack(fill=BOTH, expand=True)