Pig Racing Preview: Example Course

For our First Activity, we will be doing some Pig Racing. The Track we will be using will be a circular one, with the starting line doubling as the finishing line.

In Minecraft, you can place a Saddle on a pig by Right Clicking on it with the Saddle in your hand. Once the saddle has been placed, you can Right-Click on the pig to Mount it.

Once mounted on a pig, you can press Shift to dismount.

With a Carrot on a Stick, you can guide the pig in the direction you are facing. This gives us the ability to “steer” our pig in the direction we want to go in.

Start by giving yourself a tour of the Example Course. Along the way, you will encounter a variety of obstacles, designed to challenge and impede the player as they progress.

These Glowstone Traps are deceiving, while they appear to be an ordinary obstacle, they have an adverse affect when bumped into while riding a pig

When we bump in to a Glowstone Trap while riding a Pig, the Players screen will become obstructed. Moving to the side of the trap will restore the screen to normal.

After Testing the Example Course, Look for the stairs leading into the Lobby.

Press on the button to be teleported back to the Central Hub