Setting Up

For this lesson we will need one extra library, however we are going to do this differently than the PIL library. We are going to make use of an extension of the tkinter library that was built by us here at brainstorm to help us make this last lesson more easy to digest. Download the python file here and then place it in the same directory as your “filters” program from project 3.

Once that is done, start a new project, and save it as “GUI” in the same exact directory as the “EditorWindow” and “Filters” files.

Once we have this file in the right place, code the following import statements into our code. Once we incorporate these files into our code, we also need to modify our filters file from project three slightly. Open that file alongside this GUI file. And if you would like to, you can also keep open the “EditorWindow” file so you can peek at how it works.

from tkinter import *
from Filters import *
from EditorWindow import *

Inside of the file, Please delete any lines that are not part of a function down near the bottom of your code. Do not delete the import statements you made at the beginning of the code.. The reason why we are doing this is because we will want to use the filters we made in project 3 in our this project, but we don’t want to run the code associated with it at the bottom. If for any reasons you do not have this done from last time, you can download a copy of the filters project that is already formatted here. Like the EditorWindow class, place this in the same place as the GUI file we made earlier.

With these steps done, we should be all set up. In the next section we will start piecing together this app.