Step 2 – Create TP 2

Add a Part

  1. Add a new Block Part from the Home tab in the Edit Section.
  2. Use the Move Tool and drag the new Part to a desired location, far away from TP1.
  3. Anchor the Part.
  4. Scale the Part so that it’s a large square.
  5. In the Explorer Window, Rename the Part: TP2

Add a Baseplate

  1. Add an Anchor Block Part below TP2.
  2. Scale the Part so that it is now a large baseplate.

Change TP2 Properties

  1. Select the Properties button in the View tab next to Explorer.
  2. Make sure TP2 is selected. 
  3. Scroll down in the properties window and find the Behavior section.
  4. Unselect CanCollide.
  5. Scroll up and find the Appearance section.
  6. Set Transparency to 1.