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Our educational programs focus on creating the next generation of innovators and thinkers by allowing kids to explore the wonders of STEM



BrainStorm’s STEM Kits are the perfect way to create successful STEM experiences for your students. Each kit is thoughtfully designed by our expert team of STEM Educators to create turn-key STEM activities that really work in the classroom.

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Our innovative academic enrichment programs bring real world, common core, and standard aligned courses to your school so that your students can experience, hands-on, the wonders of STEM.

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Looking for an After-school STEM camp or class that's FUN and AFFORDABLE?

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Our STEM programs represent the perfect storm for student engagement with applied physics, mathematics, computer programming, digital prototyping and design, integrated problem solving, teamwork, and thought leadership all being explored through hands-on projects.

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New classes bring brand new projects and experiences unlike anything else being offered.

BrainStorm Online

A FREE learning platform with built-in tutorials and hands-on projects.


Learn the essential concepts of programming that are used in all computer languages.

Science Lessons

Learn science concepts and discover the magic behind the principles that shape our understanding of how the world works.

Game Design

Create unique and engaging videogames with the software used by industry experts. Imagine, create, and innovate.


Gain experience in computer-aided design and tools used in engineering, product design, architecture, animation, and more.

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