Successful educational firm with a goal to provide unique opportunities for students to explore the different possibilities of STEM, and discover a life-long passion.

What We Do

BrainStorm’s programs allow students imaginations to come to life as they discover mechanical and structural principles of simple machines, build robots, create code or make their own video game. Students are able to make connections from our unique curriculum to their lives beyond just the classroom and transfer their learning into the real world. Our STEM programs represent the perfect storm for student engagement with applied physics, mathematics, computer programming, digital prototyping and design, integrated problem solving, teamwork, and thought leadership all being explored through hands-on projects.

What We Do

BrainStorm is focused on creating learning solutions to introduce kids to the challenge and promise of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). We want to prepare our students for the future in order to ensure success in both school and their careers. And, we all know that a foundation in technology is a vital component to achieving this goal.

Provide students with engaging and exciting programs that will provide confidence and create opportunities in this technology-focused era.  BrainStorm’s unique and comprehensive curriculum has been carefully crafted and tested to ensure a thought-provoking and educational experience for all of our students.

Our goal is to provide opportunities for students to explore the different possibilities of STEM, learn a 21st Century skill and potentially discover their passion.  BrainStorm’s students have gone on to receive scholarships for Engineering at Ivy League universities.  And, our younger students in Elementary and Intermediate schools have gone on to win over 30+ awards in the FIRST Robotics Competition, as well as numerous awards in Filmmaking.

Our curriculum has been developed and refined to provide an educational experience that will inspire your students to apply classroom learning to the real world. Our student learning guides and visual instructional aids create an environment where success is assured, allowing students the freedom to explore all of the wonders of STEM with confidence.


BrainStorm’s staff is comprised of Credentialed Teachers, Engineers, Programmers, 3D Game Developers, Artists, Aerospace Engineers, Filmmakers, LEGO Master Builders, and more.

Each teacher undergoes extensive training on each course at our BrainStorm STEM Academy so that we provide:

  • Engaging and Entertaining curriculum.

  • State-of-the-art equipment and software.

  • Proactive classroom management.

  • Technical administration.

Once completing their training and orientation, teachers are required to complete in-class training by assisting experienced teachers in our classes.

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