GAME MAKER: 3D Animation & Design with Autodesk Maya

Game Maker: 3D Animation & Design with Autodesk Maya


4th – 6th

7th – 12th


Computer animation is one of the most in demand career fields in the entertainment industry – with talented artists working on everything from animated films and television series to video games and motion graphics. In this course, students will immerse themselves into the world of 3D Animation and Design using Autodesk Maya, a professional level software used by both the movie and video game industries. They will begin by learning how to model basic rigid shapes and progress to designing, modeling, rigging, and texturing their own character to be used in a game! Students will also learn the fundamentals of animation using key-framing and progressing from making a ball bounce to giving their character their own signature dance moves!



3D Modeling


CAD Software

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