Lesson 3

Drawing a V

We want to build an eventual function that will draw a snowflake. A snowflake shape is perfect for a function that uses a lot of the same shapes over and over.

A snowflake is made up of many arms, which in turn are made up of many v shapes. To make a snowflake, we should start with the smallest part, the v shape.

On Lines 12-14, we will code our Turtle to move in a V Shape. First we turn the turtle 25 degrees and draw a line. Then, we return to our original position by going backwards to get ready to draw the other half of the V

Now that we have the right side of the V drawn, we will need to draw the left

Left Side of the V.

The code for the Left side of the V will be very similar to the Right side. Try and code it yourself before comparing with the code shown on lines 16-18

After drawing the left side of our V, we will want to straighten out our Turtle, as seen on line 18

At the bottom, on line 20 we will call for our Vshape function, so we can see what our V looks like. Add the following code: vshape(). Make sure that it is on the same indent as the def vshape(): on line 9