Step 1: Adding to the Player’s Run Speed


The first thing we need to do is add to the player’s run speed when the space key is pressed

We will need to constantly check for this until “Winner” > 0

Winner is a variable. Variables are something that can hold a piece of information that can be used multiple times in our code.

When we have a Winner, we assign the “Winner” variable a racer number (1-4). Therefore, if “Winner” is greater than 0 then we don’t want to add to the player’s run speed anymore.


  1. Select the “Player” sprite (the other sprites have a lot of other code we shouldn’t mess with at the moment)
  2. From Events, place a when I receive block
  3. Set the message for the when I receive block to be “StartRace!”
  4. From Control, place a repeat until block
  5. From Operators, place a > block inside the repeat until block
  6. From Variables, place a round Winner” block on the left side of the > block
  7. Type in 0 on the right side of the > block
  8. From Control, place an if then block inside the repeat until block
  9. From Sensing place a key pressed block inside the if then block
  10. In the key pressed block set the key to be space