Step 2

Creating a Snow Golem

Now before we can create one with code, let’s see how to create a snow golem normally.

In Minecraft, to create a Snow Golem, you need a Snow block and a pumpkin block. The easiest way to get these is by pressing “E” in Creative mode.

Once you have this, you need to stack 2 snow blocks on top of each other, and then place the pumpkin on them last.

If done correctly, you should see a snow golem appear!

Creating a Snow Golem

Now let’s take a look at our currernt code. What do we need to do to create a snow golem?

We basically need to do what we do in Minecraft, but with code. So creating 3 blocks on top of each other.

The key here is to remember which variable we need to change to go up.

See if you can figure this out on your own, once you are ready, the answer is on the next page. Also, the block for pumpkins is 91!