Step 3

Coding a Snow Golem

Now here is the code to create the snow golem. Compare it with yours and see how close you got!

Now what exactly is going on here? Remember, y is the value/variable for going up and down. By adding one, we are saying y + 1 block

If we wanted to go down, we would subtract 1, which is what we did in the previous project.

Here, we go up one to add another snow block. Then we go up two to add a pumpkin block.

If you haven’t already, test this out to get a snow golem to appear!

The Iron Golem Challenge

There is also something like the Snow golem called the iron golem that we can make by placing blocks a certain way.

The iron golem is a very cool and very big thing to spawn; however, it is a little harder.

To make one, you need to make a “T” shape out of iron blocks, and the put a pumpkin on top of it last.

Since it is bigger, it also needs room to be created, so be sure to have a clear space to make one. Even grass and plants count! So if there is anything in the way, either clear the area or find a clearer area.

Try making one in Minecraft to understand how they are made. After, see if you can code one in Python! Unlike the Snow golem, the answer for this one won’t be given away.

Use the snow golem as an example to help you in this challenge, the solution will be very similar.