Step 2

Analyzing the Map

Getting our robot to knock over all of these structures can bit a bit of a challenge, and could also be a LOT of code.

However, if we take some time to analyze our map, and the tools our robot has available, it’s possible for us to come up with a simple and clever solution.

The first big difference between this map and other maps is this map has no walls. It might be hard to catch this, but if we look in the 3D version we can. Because of this, if we’re not careful, our robot can fall off the edge of the map!

However, we also have some red lines on all of the edges of the map. We can use these to our advantage!

We also see that we have a total of 5 structures that we need to knock over, so we need to decide what order we want to do this in. Shown is the order used in the future solution; however, remember with any problem there is always more than one solution. If you want to challenge yourself, try and pick a different order for your project, or even try solving the whole project before moving on to see the solution steps!