Step 2 – Setting up Captain America (STEM)


Let’s create a starting block for the Captain America sprite.

Make sure to select him from the list of sprites on the right side of your screen!


  1. Click on Events.
  2. Drag When green flag clicked to an empty space.
  3. Click on Looks.
  4. Drag hide and switch costume to underneath when green flag is clicked.


Now let’s set a random coordinate for Captain America to spawn.

This will make sure players will have many spots to search for!


  1. Click on Control.
  2. Drag when backdrop switches to to an empty space.
  3. Make sure to switch the event to Find Captain America.
  4. Click on Motion.
  5. Drag set x to and set y to underneath When Backdrop switches to.
  6. Click on Operators.
  7. Drag pick random into both both motion blocks.
  8. Set x from -240 to 240 and y from -130 to 180.
  9. Lastly, drag show from the looks tab as the last block.