Step 3: Beginning Laser Behavior


When the laser clone is made, it will appear and move up on the game screen.

Up on the game screen is a change in the positive y direction, however Stormtroopers are not the best with accuracy.

Once the Lasers reach the edge of the game screen, they will be deleted


  1. Stay on the “Laser” sprite
  2. From Control, place a When I start as a clone block
  3. From Looks, place a show block
  4. From Motion, place a Point in direction block
  5. From Operators, place a pick random inside of point in direction and set it from -20 to 20.
  6. From Control,  place a forever block
  7. From Motion, place a move 10 steps block and change it to 20.
  8. From Control, place an if statement
  9. From Sensing, place a touching mouse-pointer block
  10. Change it to touching edge
  11. From Control, place a delete this clone block


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