Step 3: Checking For a High Score


Let’s write code that will constantly be checking for a new high score.

When the player obtains a score higher than the current high score displayed on the game screen, then we want to replace the that current high score with the new score the player obtained.


  1. Still on the Backdrop sprite, From Events, place a When I receive block and change it to “GameStart“.
  2. From Control, add a forever loop, then put an IF statement inside it.
  3. From Operators, add a > (greater than) block inside the IF statement.
  4. From Variables, add the variable “Score:” on the left side and add the variable “High Score:” on the right side.
  5. From Variables, place a set to block and change the variable to High Score:.
  6. From Variables, place a round Score: block to the right side of the set to block.


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