Step 3 – Shiny Pikachu

Copying the Original

  • To get a head-start on our Shiny Pikachu, we can just right-click and duplicate our “normals” function. Easy peasy, right!?
  • It renames it to “normals2” for us, but that’s too boring. Click on the name to change it to “shinies”.
  • We also need to make it a new sprite. Let’s name it “shinyPikachu” (or whatever Pokémon you chose).
  • Changing Shiny Pikachu

  • Click on the Pikachu sprite in your new shinies function. Using the paint bucket tool, we can make the Pikachu the shiny color which is orange!
  • This Pikachu won’t need the countdown block, so let’s get rid of that.
  • Since Shinies are more rare and disappear quickly, we need to add a lifespan to this sprite. To do this, fine the “set mySprite x to 0” block and add it to the bottom.
  • Click the x and change it to “lifespan” and change the 0 to “5000”.
  • Don’t forget to change the variables to “shinyPikachu”.