Become a member at a state of the art STEM facility and begin your learning journey!

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Ages : 7 – 12

The Drop-In membership will allow members to develop skills beyond what they may learn in a single class. Members who continue with the program will progress through our different learning levels and go from the basics to advanced programs used in the real world! Members interested in Game Development will start by learning Scratch and eventually learn Unity, one of the leading game engines used in the Game Industry! Have an interest in 3D modeling? Then start with our beginner-friendly CAD modeling software and work your way to learning Maya, the same software used for designing and animating Disney movies!


4:00 – 4:30 PM : Homework help

4:30 – 5:00 PM : Workshop Time

5:30 – 6:00 PM : Personal Projects

Members are given time to complete any homework with assistance from our instructors. They may also choose to work on their personal projects for leveling up during this time.

Members may choose between 2 different workshops offered during this time. Members will need to complete various workshops in order to LEVEL UP. If members have already completed the available workshops, they may work on their personal projects or use our online Learning Portal.

Members will use this time to use what they learn in the STEM Workshops and work on their personal projects.


Get Hands-on with cutting edge technology such as 3D printers, robotics, drones, and more!

Gain access to BrainStorms powerful Online Learning Portal, a valuable online resource.

Learn at your own pace with flexible hours and a dedicated team of instructors.

Earn points and redeem awesome prizes in a fun and engaging atmosphere.

Take advantage of exclusive membership discounts and special offers for camps and events.

We offer a variety of membership options to allow you to control the intensity and pace of your training. The Brainstorm Academy membership allows members to learn at their own pace by offering a more flexible experience. Each month, members may visit 6-10 times (depending on the membership plan) and have access to a variety of workshops designed to allow members to become independent and create their own personal projects.




Similar to what you might find at a dojo, members receive a ranking depending on their experience and attitude. Each level that a member achieves provides additional benefits and recognition. In order to “LEVEL-UP”, a member must create personal projects that meet certain requirements and present them on LEVEL UP DAY.

Once a month, members will be given the opportunity to LEVEL-UP by presenting their personal projects they have been working on. If their project meets all of the specified requirements, they will LEVEL-UP! Family and friends are welcome to come watch all of the members from various levels present their projects!

Don’t worry! If a member can’t come to LEVEL-UP Day, they will still be able to LEVEL-UP if they completed their project.