Minecraft University Mod Install Guide

Below you will find instruction on how to download and prepare software for the first day of class.

This guide applies to the following classes:

  • Minecraft University: Adventures through Time
  • Minecraft University: Robotics


Minecraft Forge is an extension program that allows Java Edition Minecraft to load community-created game modifications, also known as mods.

The video tutorial on the right will help guild you with setting up Forge and the mods required for the course.

Note:  Java installation may be required before running Forge.

For Mac: Finding the Minecraft Folder

  • Click on the desktop and then press Command+Shift+G all at the same time
  • Type ~/Library and press enter
  • Open the folder Application Support and then Minecraft

Need Help?

If you have any difficulty setting up for the first day of class  please contact us bellow.

Please include the class participants name, class title, and issue you are experiencing.

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