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Explore the instructional strategies and practices needed to transform your classroom into an innovative, engaging STEM environment. Learn how to integrate STEM instruction into a K–12 curricula by putting Science, Technology, Engineering and Math into action through inquiry and discovery-based learning.

Develop instructional techniques and STEM thinking during our single or multi-day immersive professional development programs. In these workshops, participants explore best practices that encourage students to conceptualize and solve problems using the design process. Whether you’re a school administrator, educator, PTA president, or parent, we know that STEM subjects can come off as pretty intimidating.

Using the 5E inquiry model

Discover how to shift from traditional thematic teaching to engaging STEM activities that incorporate scientific literacy skills into authentic problem-solving thematic lessons by participating in activities that focus on higher-order thinking skills.

The Brainstorm Advantage

Future-ready Learning

STEM is not just about teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics; it is a culture that needs to be cultivated to help create a problem solving, creative, critical thinking workforce for tomorrow. During our Professional Development program, BrainStorm STEM Education will expand your thinking to embrace STEM beyond those subjects, and beyond your classrooms walls.

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