Hands-on STEM SOLUTIONS for Schools

Avoid the cost and complexity of STEM. Introduce easy to implement STEM lessons that provide instant engagement allowing kids to learn through play!





The best of STEMInspire innovation and ignite a passion for STEM through BrainStorm’s fun and educational products. Real STEM. Real Fun!Educational ExcellenceShop nowHands-on STEM lessons designed for Schools9 unique kitsSTEM Kits
Elevate engagement and provide structured hands-on lessons in a snap.Robot Activities


BrainStorm’s STEM Kits are the perfect way to create successful STEM experiences for your students.

Robotic Activity Mats

Why Choose Us?

  • Affordable
  • Turn-Key

  • Real STEM

BrainStorm’s foundation is rooted in the classroom and our products are based on over 12 years of experience teaching cutting-edge, hands-on STEM programs in the nations top school districts.

BrainStorm’s products bring Real-World STEM to you!

Students Served
Every Teacher Kit serves 30 students, encouraging both collaboration and independent learning.

Turn-Key Solution
Hands-on STEM experiments come with simple easy to implement instructions that can be lead by teachers or parents.

NGSS Aligned
Written to touch on specific Next Generation Science Standards(NGSS) requirements. Our kits best fit grades 3rd – 5th.

High Value, Low Cost
Implementing STEM can be costly, thats where we can help! Our STEM kits are efficient and affordable for any school budget!

Loved by Students
Each kit is tested by more than 100 elementary students before coming to you. Reuse them or use them as a Take-Home!

All components have been made responsibily and can be disposed of with the knowledge that they do not harm the environment.

Awesome meets Affordable!

  • Low Prep

  • Minimal Mess

  • Learn through Play

The main two factors preventing the widespread adoption of STEM Education in classrooms are cost and complexity. With schools struggling to cover the costs of existing programs, implementing a STEM program becomes an even more challenging prospect.


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