BrainStorm Program Terms

The following waiver is standard on all of our registration forms. By submitting your order with us, you are agreeing to the information below. If you have any questions or comments, please call 949.607.8676 immediately.

If you continue with the registration process, you are agreeing to the following:

Registration Policy:
Payment is due at the time of enrollment. Available spaces are filled on a first come, first served basis. When a class becomes full, a waitlist is created for that specific class. If more spaces come available, either by student withdrawal or additional seats added, all students on the waitlist are contacted first before those spaces are made open to the general public.
Camp Refund Policy:
I understand that there is a two-week cancellation policy that would entitle me to a 100% refund of camp tuition. If I must cancel a space less than two weeks prior to the enrolled camp session, refunds will only be issued if my child’s space is filled by 3pm on the Friday immediately preceding the camp session, ​and will not be issued under any other circumstance.
Publicity Policy:
I give permission to BrainStorm Studios LLC to photograph/video me or my children participating in the program(s) for which I am registering for use in future publicity, and I acknowledge that I will not receive any compensation for such use. I recognize that BrainStorm takes every precaution in protecting the students’ privacy and never publishes names with photographs or shows/speaks names in videos. If I object to the publicity, I acknowledge that I may state so in writing and have my child exempt from camp videos and photography.
Online Privacy and Protection Policy:
I understand that BrainStorm strictly adheres to the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA). By agreeing to the terms, I give permission for my child(ren) to receive a limited G Suite account for the sole purpose of storing and retrieving their project files from camp. These accounts are created by BrainStorm using minimal personal information. First names and last initials (example: Jane D) are the only two pieces of information used to create the storage accounts. Email and other communication services are disabled for these accounts by default. I understand that BrainStorm may terminate these storage accounts without warning no sooner than 3 months following my camp session. Students and their parents are solely responsible for retrieving the files following camp.
Health and Medical Waiver:
The student’s parent/legal guardian warrants that the student is physically fit and able to participate in the camp activities, and consents to any employee, agent, or other personnel affiliated with BrainStorm’s courses and classes (“BrainStorm personnel”), to seek medical attention and treatment or other measures deemed necessary or advisable in the discretion or judgment of BrainStorm personnel for the student(s) that you are enrolling in the event of an accident, sudden illness, or other condition that occurs while the student is in the care or under the supervision of BrainStorm personnel. Furthermore, the student’s parent/legal guardian ensures that the student has had all immunizations as required by his/her school.

The parent/legal guardian further understands that BrainStorm personnel will make reasonable efforts to notify the parent/legal guardian or another parent of the student in the case of an accident, sudden illness or other condition, but authorizes BrainStorm personnel to seek such care or treatment, and for any care or treatment to be administered, even in the event that either parent or legal guardian are not contacted prior to the seeking or rendering of such, care, treatment, or other measures.

The parent/legal guardian agreeing to this form releases BrainStorm Studios, LLC, from and of any liability for such decisions or actions in seeking medical care, and agrees to pay all the costs and fees for the medical care or treatment authorized under this emergency medical authorization.

After School Class Refund Policy:
I understand that there are absolutely no refunds after the first week of an after-school class during the school year. If I must cancel before the first week is complete, I will do so by contacting BrainStorm directly. 


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