Company Policies


Staff receives their schedule through Shiftplanning. Staff is required to update managers on their availability so the person in charge of scheduling can plan accordingly.


Ensure that all curriculum and internal information is kept confidential. All manuals must be returned after the program has been completed. Notify supervisors of any lost manuals, guides, or equipment. Manuals and curriculum should not be copied or shared.


Uniform & Dress Code:

  • ➡ All employees will be given at least one BrainStorm shirt. More BrainStorm shirts can be obtained by asking a Manager.
    • ➡ BrainStorm shirts are to always to be worn when working at a school or site.
  • ➡ Employees will also be given a BrainStorm badge. These are to be worn at all times while on school grounds.
  • ➡ In general, clothing should be semi-casual and school-appropriate.  
  • ➡ Long pants are preferred over shorts, however, school-appropriate shorts are acceptable on hot days.
  • ➡ Jeans without tears/rips are acceptable.
  • ➡ Open-toed shoes are not acceptable.
Lesson Content