All Instructors will conduct a campus tour on day 1 of each session that notes what is off-limits, closest bathrooms, lunch area, nurse, etc.  


  • ➡ A Closed Campus means most often means that all adults on campus are employees or vendors of that school or site; running other programs, approved shadow aides, or class-specific volunteers 
  • ➡ A closed campus most often means no parents or visitors on campus 
  • ➡ If you see an adult or child on campus that should not be there, inform them of  the school’s safety policy


  • ➡ Familiarize yourself with campus lockdown, fire drill, and earthquake  protocols  
  • ➡ Establish a meeting place for your class  
  • ➡ Ensure you have a copy of your class accommodations report to serve as  your attendance sheet and an emergency contact sheet


  • ➡ Students do not have to attend every day of the program as this is for enrichment only We still take attendance for safety reasons 
  • ➡ Instructors are responsible for taking attendance within the first 15 minutes of each Afterschool Class.
  • ➡ Attendance is entered online via an attendance Google sheet (shared by the site clerk) Take a headcount before leaving and after returning from the classroom (i.e. recess, school  tour, etc.) and notify office staff if a student is missing 
  • ➡ Do not just rely on a headcount! Have all students stand up and when their name is called,  then they can be seated 
  • ➡ Any student NOT enrolled in the class should be sent to the office immediately


  • ➡ The site clerk will assist any students who visit the health office and track in the Health Log Both the parent/guardian and 911 should be contacted if a head injury is sustained  An Injury Report is also completed for all head injuries  


➡ Students should travel in pairs if an adult cannot escort a student to the office or bathroom


  • ➡ Students can be dropped off up to 10 minutes before classes begin 
  • ➡ Staff will be outside directing traffic
  • ➡ Once the class is dismissed, students can be picked up at the designated pick up location  within 10 minutes after class ends  
  • ➡ Students should not be admitted or released early from their classes 
  • ➡ Any students remaining after 10 minutes should be taken to the office 
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