Our Afterschool Classes and Summer Camps provide students with successful STEM experiences through fun and exciting hands-on projects and activities.


Better classes, better instructors, better tech, better results. Experience the very best with BrainStorm STEM Education.

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Our STEM enrichment programs go above and beyond the basic elementary science class experience with real hands-on scientific gear, building, coding, and of course, tons of fun and engagement for every student. We bring tested equipment, computers and tablets, robots, activities, and games, all specially designed to give your student a new passion in the growing world of STEM.

We make it our goal not only to deliver a blast of a STEM program, but also to introduce a modernized take on the science class experience. Our programs explore a wide range of skills in growing fields, from electronics to programming to renewable energy, each complete with hands-on activities and projects. Our classes include take-home inventions, teamwork competitions, creativity projects, and much more — all in a setting that’s safe, fun, and crafted for student success.


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Young Einstein’s

A collection of our favorite core science experiments. Built to strike National Science Standards.

Robotics & Engineering

Build, Learn, Imagine. Master robot programming in our Robotics Academy.

Tech Classes

The best programming and design classes for tech lovers. Master essential computer skills with dedicated instructors.


BrainStorm’s staff is comprised of Credentialed Teachers, Engineers, Programmers, 3D Game Developers, Artists, Aerospace Engineers, Filmmakers, LEGO Master Builders, and more.

Experienced in teaching & managing camps & classrooms.

Each teacher undergoes extensive training on each course at our BrainStorm STEM Academy so that we provide:

  • Engaging and Entertaining curriculum.

  • State-of-the-art equipment and software.

  • Proactive classroom management.

  • Technical administration.

BrainStorm’s STEM Kits are the perfect way to create successful STEM experiences for your students. Each kit is thoughtfully designed by our expert team of STEM Educators to create turn-key STEM activities that really work in the classroom.

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